Foundation of the University Schools and Faculties

Biblioteca de la Facultad de Comunicación y DocumentaciónIn 1978, the Library Science and Documentation Studies are regulated by the Real Decreto 3104/1978 at a Graduate Level, where it is established that the training for the forthcoming professionals needs to belong to a University Level. The Universities had to apply for these studies to the Ministery of Education and Sciences, and the creation of the University Schools of Library Science and Documentation were finally established. The students would get a Graduate Certificate.

The guidelines for the study plans were established in the 24th February 1981 Agenda.

Afterwards, it was established a new law in Spain by which the modification of the study plans were permitted, and where the academic levels were established as well. The following decrees established the official University Graduate Certificate in Library Science and Documentation Studies.

During the years 1985 and 1995, Spain has several universities where the Library Science and Documentation Studies are also taught: Barcelona, Complutense, Granada, Salamanca, Extremadura, Murcia, León, Zaragoza, etc.

From 1992 on, the 5-year graduation in Documentation (Licenciatura) is established in several Universities: UOC, Salamanca, Granada, Autónoma de BArcelona, Carlos III, Extremadura, Alcalá, Murcia. Except for the University of Valencia, where the studies are carried out at the Escuela Informática Politécnica (Politechnic Computing School), the studies are taught in the Faculties of Library Science and Documentation.