Why study the degree in Library and Information Science?

What do we study in the degree in Library and Information Science?

The degree in Library and Information Science gives you the opportunity to acquire knowledge and practical experience required in a dynamic labor sector such as the Information Industry.

By studying this degree, you will learn how to describe, organize and manage information to allow users finding what they need when searching on the Internet, querying a database, or using a library.

Additionally, you will be able to create and manage web tools, develop online marketing projects or design digital literacy programs for disadvantaged communities. Therefore, if you are interested in culture, providing service to your community or using new technologies for promoting creativity and sharing knowledge, this is your degree.

What professional profiles are offered by the degree of Library and Information Science?

The degree in Library and Information Science offers a wide catalog of professional profiles. You will surely find one that fits your interests.

If you are someone with synthesis capability and an interest on dealing with specialized information from a variety of domains:

  • Information specialist (in hospitals, newspapers, etc.), film researcher or business knowledge manager.

If you are into working with books and provide service to different social groups in your community:

  • Librarian (in public, academic or national libraries) or cultural manager.
Fotografía Beatriz Castilla Garre

Serving patrons is a very rewarding experience and in the end users and librarians become family. We develop an essential role in society and in return for our time and effort we get plenty of motivating experiences that help us to keep on developing our job with renovated enthusiasm.

Beatriz Castilla Garre. Library School Graduate for the University of Granada. Public library professional.

If you are into efficiently managing information in companies and the public Administration or working with historical documents:

  • Archivist or office document manager.

If you are into social networks and online marketing:

  • Content curator, community manager or SEM/SEO consultant.

"I started my entrepreneurship project whilst studying this Degree. Today I’m leading a team of professionals that carry out document analysis tasks, management consulting projects and the implementation of business information systems."

"I was in my last-year curricular practices when I got my first professional experience and, at this moment, I’m already working as a technological consultant. "

Alberto Oliver and Alejandro Romero. Graduates in Library and Information Science for the University of Granada. CEO and technological consultant of an Information Consulting Company, respectively.

Fotografía de Alberto Oliver y Alejandro Romero

If you’re into Web technologies and developing information products to make information retrieval easier and more efficient:

  • Digital content architect or UX specialist.

If you are an analytic person interested in evaluating data to assist in researching tasks and decision making.

  • Big data analyst or data visualization specialist. 
Fotografía de Lara López Boronat

"Studying this degree at the UGR gave me the opportunity to get a solid background on information technologies, which has helped me a lot in my professional career. Plus, I had the chance to undertake several internships in Granada and the UK, where I had my first working experience abroad as an information professional. "

Lara López Boronat. MLIS Graduate for the University of Granada. Enterprise knowledge manager.